Fountain University Osogbo Journal of Management

Fountain University Osogbo Journal of Management is established with the primary objective of providing a platform for the presentation, review and publication of research results and scholarly papers in Management Sciences. The journal is international in outlook, and can be readily accessed by researchers, research organizations and the academic community in Africa, Europe, Latin America and beyond.

As a basic feature, the journal encourages current trends in interdisciplinary cooperation among various discipline in Management Sciences and this with a view to finding a common platform for addressing contemporary challenges in a fast changing and seamless world of cyber technology, with its imperatives of pin-point accuracy and split-second responses

Fountain University Osogbo journal of management (OJM) publishes work that contributes significantly to the scientific knowledge in management sciences and relevant fields. It publishes triannual – April, August and December at an average of eight or ten articles per issue. Our objective is to inform authors of the decision on their manuscript(s) within four (4) weeks of submission. Following acceptance, papers will be acknowledged in terms of rationality and objectivity. OJM publishes in both hard print & online.